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Chinese New Year 2023 will be celebrated on January 22. The year 2023, as it turns out, will be the year of the Water Rabbit. Of course, this year, some colors are considered the luckiest. These lucky colors can be used in various aspects, from fashion trends and art to interior design. What are the Lucky Colors of the Year of the Water Rabbit 2023?


The color blue is believed to bring good luck to every shio in the year of the Water Rabbit 2023. The blue color is considered to be able to bring a sense of calm, peace, and freedom. The year of the Water Rabbit is the water element in feng shui. This color can help facilitate communication and negotiations.

You can use this color as decoration in the interior of your home, like in the picture above.


Green is the representative color of good luck in the year of the Water Rabbit 2023. This color can boost creativity, provide healing, and make us more evolved. 

If you have just moved house or job, green can bring good things. You can use this color to complement your home and also in choosing your clothing style.


You can bring the element of fire with the color red to your home. This color will bring good luck in 2023, especially in terms of romance.

The red color will radiate affection to those around you. If you are expecting a baby and hoping for a romantic encounter in the year of the Water Rabbit 2023, try using red.


Yellow is a color that complements the earth element. This color can bring opportunities to learn new things, meet new relationships, and increase prosperity. 

You can use this color on large pieces of furniture such as kitchen cabinets. If you don’t want to be too bold, you can use yellow decorations, such as carpets and sofa cushions.


Bringing the white color to your home can improve balance, focus, and bring sustenance. You can use white on furniture or decorations in your home, such as the following inspiration.

From the lucky colors above, which one will you try in the year of water rabbit 2023?

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